The ‘Little Gnomes’ Parent & Child Group

For pre-kindergarten aged children and their parents, there is the opportunity to attend our “Little Gnomes” Parent and Child group, based on Steiner principles. The group runs each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during term-time from 10 am to 12.30 pm and sessions are led by trained Steiner Kindergarten teachers.

The sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are aimed at children who have reached the walking stage. Each session is held in a designated room at the school, as well as in a dedicated outdoor garden on the grounds where small children and their parents can safely play and enjoy their activities. Young children love to explore the world around them, touching, feeling and investigating, and so we choose simple natural materials for positive sensory experiences. The session follows a gentle rhythm at a pace that gives young children a sense of security and belonging. Parents find relaxation in the steady rhythm of the morning. Seasonal festivals are
celebrated during the year with a puppet play or story. Parents have an opportunity to make simple seasonal crafts such as star-making or baking.

The Friday morning session is “Baby Day” and its focus is on meeting the needs of the pre-walking stage baby. This group session brings a gentle beginning to the daily life of infants and babies, introducing a practice of care that is deeply respectful of a baby’s own will and allowing time for free movement. The program is based on the work of Dr. Emmi Pikler, pediatrician and is held mostly indoors. The leader of this session has trained in the Pikler approach, as well as in Steiner Kindergarten teaching.

Children attending the Parent and Child group are prioritized for places in our Kindergarten and further information on enrolling in the group (including fees) is available by contacting the group on

The morning’s rhythm

The group has its own designated room and outdoor garden within the grounds of the Kildare Steiner School where small children can safely play and enjoy their activities. Young children learn by touching, feeling, exploring and imitating everyday activities and so we choose natural toys and furnishings to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for those who may be taking their first step outside the home environment. The day has a gentle rhythm, similar to that of our Kindergarten and gives young children security:

10.00-10.05am                  Arrival and greeting circle

10.15-11.00m:                   Forest walk

11.00-11.15am                  Washing hands and toilet time

11.15-11.35am                  Indoor play and tidy-up

11.35-12 noon:                 Morning Snack

12.00-12.25pm:                 Outdoor play

12.25-12.30pm:                 Goodbye song



We accept enrolment by term or year. Families can attend attend one or more days per week. To apply to attend the group, please contact the school on / 045 401919. Please note that places are limited to ensure the quality of the experience of all the attendants.