Steiner Education for the hands, heart and head

The Parent & Child Group

For pre-kindergarten aged children and their parents, there is the opportunity to attend our “Little Gnomes” Parent and Child group, based on Steiner principles. The group runs each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during term-time from 10 am to 12.30 pm and sessions are led by trained Steiner Kindergarten teachers. The sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are aimed at children who have reached the walking stage. Each session is held in a designated room at the school, as well as in a dedicated outdoor garden on the grounds where small children and their parents can safely play and enjoy their activities. Young children love to explore the world around them, touching, feeling and investigating, and so we choose simple natural materials for positive sensory experiences. Read more

The Kindergarten

The School’s Kindergarten is for children aged 3 to 6 years and provides a warm, nurturing environment like a home away from home with an emphasis on a play based curriculum. Through play, children develop interactive skills such as co-operation, empathy, intuition and the ability to see things from the perspective of others. A great sense of confidence and security is built up within the young child, preparing them for the next stage of development. We spend most of the time outdoors playing with water and sand, harvesting and carving willow and caring for plants and herbs used in meal-making. Our aim is to provide an unhurried approach to childhood, allowing each child time to fully develop at his or her own pace. Children also develop loving relationships with their teachers and other children. Read more

The Primary School

The Kildare Steiner Primary School caters for children aged 6 to 12 years. At around the age of six or seven, children are developmentally ready for a more formal process of learning to read and write. From First Class the children cover key subjects such as English, maths, history, geography, science and Irish, as well as music, crafts, botany, geology and astronomy. The introduction of reading, writing and arithmetic happens primarily through the arts and imagination. The use of stories, painting, drama and music involves the head, heart and hands in the learning process. The aim is to educate the whole child, not just the intellect. Teachers are dedicated to fostering a genuine enthusiasm for learning, making a strong appeal to the child’s creative imagination. A key feature of the school day is the Main Lesson, a daily session which continues over a period of up to four weeks where a topic is explored from many and varied perspectives. The topics are chosen carefully to resonate with your child’s age and stage of development. Read more

The Secondary School

The confidence instilled in children by the natural, rounded and enjoyable approach to education provided by Steiner Waldorf schools stands them in very good stead when they make the transition to the second level education. Secondary school teachers have commented consistently that children educated according to the Steiner Waldorf educational philosophy are independent and creative learners who have developed their natural love of discovery and exploration. Those who choose, at the end of Class 6, to complete their educational journey with the Kildare Steiner Waldorf School, they can be confident that their time, here, will have prepared them well for the challenges of second-level education. Read more

Latest news

2018 Senior KG Pupil Recruitment

Kildare Steiner School Kindergarten welcomes children aged 5-6 for the Senior KG group. We provide a warm,nurturing environment with lots of outdoor activities, crafts, indoor play and more, which constitutes a solid foundation for primary school through a play-based curriculum.

Importance of play

The Secondary School is expanding

Over the past two years a dedicated group of current and former parents, alongside the teachers, have been steadily working towards expanding the Kildare Steiner School to Secondary level. Classes 7 and 8, which will start in September 2019, will provide the equivalent to 1 st and 2 nd year in mainstream secondary education to […]

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